Local, sustainable

Ox Designers seeks to be a One Planet Living organisation. This means I aim to operate according to the 10 One Planet Living principles developed by environmental charity Bioregional.

The aim of One Planet Living is to create a world where everyone, everywhere enjoys happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

At Ox Designers, I wish to do my bit to help achieve the One Planet Living Vision that has been created for Oxfordshire. Here is my simple One Planet Living Action Plan:

We act to minimise our environmental impacts:

  • partnering with sustainable print suppliers wherever possible, namely Seacourt in Oxford and Fine Print in Witney
  • using recycled paper and using second-hand furniture in the studio
  • recycling as much as possible
  • avoiding single use plastic and food waste
  • avoiding unnecessary travel and using public transport wherever possible.
  • seeking to reduce energy use, taking care to use energy consuming products with high efficiency ratings.

Creating thriving communities and supporting the local economy are key principles of One Planet Living. Ways I help to support these include:

  • managing the advertising for community newsletter Eynsham News. This newsletter supports local business and community events
  • being an active member of local business network Cotswolds Opendoorz