Barcelona skyline ESGCT Congress 2019

Barcelona 2019

Project background

The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Congress gathers together the academic and commercial communities invested in gene and cell therapy.

The meeting is an opportunity to share information and the latest developments in this field of research; and also a key moment where industry engage and invest. The 2019 ESGCT Congress held in Barcelona was hosted by local organising committee the Spanish Society for Gene and Cell Therapy, at the Barcelona International Congress Center.

I worked alongside the ESGCT’s Association Managers, WATS.ON, to create branding for the event. My task was to create a brand image that proudly represented the host city; and that also reflected the progressive excellence that the ESGCT embodies.

Project actions

I had the honour of working alongside talented local mural artist Anna Taratiel who created a stunning Barcelona skyline illustration, featuring all city’s major landmarks. My job was to create sympathetic brand typography and colour palette.

I used the assertive ITC Franklin Gothic Bold typeface, and coupled that with a bright and vibrant colour palette which I thought fitting for Barcelona.

I then carried across the full brand image (illustration and type) across a wide range of collateral, including venue signage, banners, 192-page print programme and congress digital app.

The final stage of the project was to support my direct client, WATS.ON, and monitor all the collateral in use. I flew out to join them for the four-day event.

All excellent venue photography shown on this page is courtesy of Mel Cunningham.

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Barcelona ESGCT Congress 2019
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