BiaPower angel


Project background

Bia Power is a renewable energy company with a focus on battery storage for solar power; and driven by the target of Net Zero for solar farms in the UK.

The client needed full brand identity including logo design and branding illustration.

The brandname draws back to Greek goddess Bia who symbolises raw, dynamic energy; an appropriate fit to the concept of solar power. The client wanted to capture the goddess concept in both the logo identity and branding illustration.

Project actions

The first stage was the logo identity.

I created three concepts for the initial creative pitch. All logo designs referenced the goddess Bia and fire. The typefaces I created were based on bold corporate typefaces that carried the necessary weight and authority.

After finalising the logo; the next stage was the brand illustration. This would feature on the corporate website; and also carry across all company collateral, such as sales brochures, stationery and PowerPoint presentations.

The illustration offered a compelling ‘additional layer’ to the overall brand image. I created a flat line drawing symbolising strength and dynamism; with a colour palette based on sunrise tones.

BiaPower colours and logo