Caepro engine external


Project background

Caepro is a Computer Aided Engineering services specialist for the global automotive industry. Part of their offering is engine prototype design, with a focus on Indian agricultural.

After two years of R&D, Caepro’s LW3IL2 engine was ready to be developed and productionised by OEMs. Caepro’s challenge was to promote it across all channels, including digital marketing platform LinkedIn.

The client needed a succinct set of product brochures to post out to its Linkedin network: The brochures needed to be simple and impactful, but also contain the vital engineering stats that would pique interest amongst potential customers.

Project actions

I designed a range of product summaries in the multi-slide portrait presentation format currently used widely on Linkedin. This format is particularly useful for presentation views on smartphones, with the page canvas neatly fitting into the device window.

The set of three different presentations, featuring the benefits, design features and virtual testing of the LW3IL2. All images used in the layouts were provided by the client’s engineering team.

Each presentation systematically used the corporate brand colours: grey, warm blue, light blue and orange; but with a variety of layout to differentiate between the different product stories.

Caepro engine internals