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Project background

I was approached by fellow designer Nikki Shield to collaborate in the rebrand of biosciences leader CN Bio Innovations.

CN Bio design and manufacture organ-on-chip technology for the pharma industry. An innovative team and product, they were looking to ‘mature’ their brand identity and attract the investment needed to grow the business.

The client needed a full range of collateral as well as a style guide to continue brand consistency with in house items.

Project actions

We first conducted a Brand Discovery Workshop.

The workshop gathered team consensus as to why a rebrand was necessary; and what they hoped to achieve through the process. During the workshop, we looked at the business goals, industry competition and brand keywords. The results of the Workshop formed the backbone of the Creative Brief. This outlined the key brand aspects a new identity would capture.

We then got to work on the First Creative.

First Creative contained a range of brand identity visual options. The client was immediately drawn to one, which took two iteration stages to complete and finalise. Nikki then went on to complete the initial set of collateral and brand styleguide manual.

Once we had completed the main corporate brand, it was time to roll out the PhysioMimix product brand. To create a strong visual tie between corporate and product brand style we used the same font, colour and layout of the corporate brand, for both the product name and strapline ‘A CN Bio Innovation’.

Soon after the rebrand, the client attended a trade show in the States. They were thrilled with the new collateral – branded stand and brochures – that looked ‘fantastic’.

CN Bio stand