ESGCT Congress Brussels 2021 Posters

ESGCT Brussels

Project background

The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Congress gathers together the academic and commercial communities invested in gene and cell therapy.

The meeting is an opportunity to share information and the latest developments in this field of research; and also a key moment where industry engage and invest. The 2021 Congress is scheduled to take place in Brussels.

Working in collaboration with ESGCT’s Association Managers, WATS.ON, the brief was to create a branding illustration for the event; with an image that proudly represents the host city and that also reflected the progressive excellence that the ESGCT embodies.

Project actions

The first stage of the project was research. Along with WATS.ON, I explored the icons and landmarks that symbolised the city of Brussels.

Research threw up two conclusions: Brussels was characterised by a broad range of cultural icons (with Tin Tin, Atomium and Belgium beer featuring high on the list); and secondly, the cartoon-style of famous Belgian illustrators featured strongly in cultural consciousness.

The challenge was then to create a consistent style between all these landmarks and elements, plus shape the overall style of the image with a cartoon look and feel.

I met the brief by creating simple icon-style line drawings, coupled with cell-themed solid icons in accent colours. The final branding illustration can be applied as a ‘pattern’ to a range of touchpoints, both print and digital.

ESGCT Congress Brussels 2021 wide screen display