Good Juicery

Good Juicery

Project background

Good Juicery are creators of one of India’s first sugar-free soft drinks range. The company director Michelle Bauer approached me to manage brand collateral and packaging design work.

Project actions

A key brand management challenge was keeping brand consistency amongst the many retail distributors across the country.

I designed points of sale, promotion posters and tent cards to ensure shops and restaurants stocked and displayed the product correctly.

As the business grew, the team added an additional flavour range; Mandarin and Mango.

The new Mango & Mandarin packaging design process involved careful selection of the right dark orange colour; and also adhering to government’s tight regulations of the sizing of type and nutritional information on the back of the can.

I also used bold typography to highlight the product’s USPs – 80% fruit juice, no added sugar and no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

Good Juicery label
Good Juicery packaging
Good Juicery print materials