Hare Studio

Hare studio

Project background

Brothers James and George Talbot started their chain of barbershops in 2014. By 2019, they felt that the market had become inundated by ‘Peaky Blinder’ themed competitors.

Time to move into fresh territory – unisex barbering.

The brothers’ goal was to create a stylish, unisex hair cutting space ‘The Hare Studio’, in which male and female customers felt equally comfortable and relaxed. And with an equal price model for both sexes.

The new business needed a brand identity.

Project actions

The identity’s starting point was a commissioned illustration of a hare (by Oxford Westgate’s brand illustrator). This created a strong tie with the local area, and laid the foundations for a ‘distinguished’ and ‘rustic’ brand identity. My task was to evolve the illustration and design the brand typography and colour palette.

A challenge of the rebrand was not to alienate or intimidate their existing client base. The new brand image needed to reflect the comfortable familiarity of a barbershop as well as the stylish and modern androgyny of a unisex space.

The First Creative provided a pool of identity styles; ranging from the ‘rustic’ and ‘traditional’ to the ‘quirky’ and ‘modern’. All combinations of type and image satisfied the brief of ‘androgyny’. I also added a dandy’s cravat to the hare’s neck.

The brothers selected the brand identity with a bold and vintage feel.

They were chuffed with the results, and loved all the creative visual options to the point of planning to make poster artwork of the unused branding to decorate the studio walls. The Hare Studio will launch soon in 2020, and the brothers are excited about the brand identity that will stand behind their new business. They are particularly pleased with their new strapline ‘Style for everyone’.

Hare studio colours
Hare Studio unisex salon
Hare studio typography
Photo collage Hare Studio
Hare Studio signage