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Project background

LetterBot delivers a powerful and on-trend marketing solution for businesses: Handwritten direct mail. The ‘handwriting’ is carried out using state-of-the-art robotic software. This allows the company to be the UK’s only bulk handwritten direct mail supplier, with an unrivalled capacity for speed and volume.

The LetterBot brand identity was established. Company directors Andrew and Robin were happy with the clean, corporate and professional logo designed by a previous agency. The business also had a healthy and growing book of clients that regularly conducted LetterBot direct mail campaigns.

Andrew and Robin’s next goal was to raise brand awareness amongst a key customer group; marketing agencies. The 2020 Marketing Expo in London was an ideal place to do this. They approached me to design a campaign message and image, concerned that they had no idea where to start themselves.

Project actions

The first part of the campaign project looked closely at brand.

We discussed the benefits LetterBot clients enjoyed when conducting handwritten campaigns. The themes ‘personal’, ‘memorable’ and ‘emotive’ stood out. 99% of end customers are likely to open a handwritten letter, instead of the 25% who open computer-generated marketing pieces.

We felt it was key to create a campaign image that emphasised the personal connection handwritten campaigns created. From that discussion came the ‘Robot with a Heart’. I sourced a soulful and humorous set of stock photography which provided an excellent image range for Expo collateral.

Next came the Campaign Message. Again, this was centred on the stark statistic that 99% of end customers will open handwritten direct mail, simply because it stands out and is a welcome break from computerised leaflets and flyers. This lay the foundation for the copy line ‘Stand out with robotically handwritten mail’. I then went a step further and used the styling of the message to reflect the product. I wrote the words using a fountain pen and Parker black ink; and then carried this style across all collateral headings.

The final brand image touch was placing content onto a cartridge paper background. The LetterBot team are proud of the quality of paper stock used, so I wanted the campaign to reflect this.

The Marketing Expo was scheduled for March 2020, but this has now been postponed until November. The team have a bank of campaign collateral – brochure, leaflet, stands and business cards – at the ready to hit the ground running.

LetterBot benefits diagram
LetterBot business cards