OC Tuition

OC Tuition Branding

Project background

Osborne Cawkwell Tuition are market leaders in London’s private tuition sector.

They approached me to design a new brand identity, one that positioned them as the caring, professional and dedicated agency that had become to be known as.

Project actions

We started the process with a Brand Discover Workshop to draw out key brand characteristics. Excellence in tutorial practice and a passion for nurturewere themes we felt the new identity needed to reflect.

I then set about the task of creating a brand identity to embody these two themes.

The first I did through the logo design. Using a distinguished and elegant monogram of the company initials, suspended over an open book, this communicated the promise of a premium service and high level of excellence.

I used the brand imagery, a set of pen and ink illustrations, to bring out the second theme ‘passion for nurture’. The style of the illustrations have a warm and whimsical feel, each highlighting key parts of the OC strengths, narrated in an approachable and easily accessible way. Hand-drawn illustrations can serve as a powerful visual tool in communicating a ‘caring’ brand identity that offers a ‘personal touch’.

The brand identity colour set, purple and warm grey, echo the comfortable familiarity of school uniform colours.

OC Tuition Business card
OC Tuition Branding
OC Tuition print styles
OC Tuition staff