Strategic Mentors

Strategic Mentors 3Fs branding

Project background

Strategic Mentors works with business to create greater financial stability and regular income. The owner and lead mentor, Chris Gardner, developed a training programme called the Three Fs, and wanted to brand this as a stand-alone product. The programme’s ‘F’ milestones are financial security; freedom and fulfilment.

This branding project was carried out in collaboration with fellow local designer Nikki Shield.

Project actions

Chris’ training programme contains three very clear stages, and this formed the basis of the logo design, three steps.

The logo’s three-step block also symbolises the progression his customers make through mentoring. The two step-blocks in contrasting directions represent how he encourages clients to ‘change direction’ in their way of thinking.

Logo complete, we then used the brand imagery to convey the second key part of the brand. Chris wants customer to feel comfortable and safe with his methods and philosophy, so we chose nostalgic vintage illustrations to convey the brand nature of ‘familiar’, ‘trusted’ and ‘dependable’.