Synthace large screen displays


Project background

Synthace is an emerging biotech software company, pioneers in UK automated laboratory testing and authors of the highly successful Antha platform.

With an established logo identity for both corporate and product brand, the client’s challenge was to compile a full library of digital and print assets that carried a brandstyle consistently across.

The company had a high volume roll-out of sales presentations, case studies and marketing collateral which had previously led to team members mocking up collateral individually.

Synthace’s Visual Design Lead Ming Liu reached out to Ox Designers to help design and implement a solution to this inconsistency: A set of branding illustrations that worked responsively across all media.

Project actions

The first stage of the project was to explore concepts for the principal brand illustration. The Synthace product team felt it was vital to feature a literal representation of their Antha software product – the ‘connectors’ moving between data points in the lab testing environment.

The challenge from a branding perspective was to find a balance between the literal and the abstract; and to create an illustration flexible enough to carry easily across various media.

I explored various image styles to represent connecting lines (see sketch board at the bottom of the page) and then through a series of creative pitches, worked my way towards the final sign-off illustration shown at the top of this page. As a simple key-line drawing this meant that, going forward, the client could use the various brand colour combinations depending on application.

The next stage was implementation in the following formats:

  • Email newsletter
  • Whitepaper / print + digital
  • Casestudy / print + digital
  • Application notes / print + digital
  • Powerpoint sales presentations
  • Corporate stationery
  • Social media branding: Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Facebook
Synthace packaging
Synthace graphics
Synthace design elements