Website Branding

Brand Style for Strategic Mentors

How do you tell a range of stories online yet keep your image choice consistent and on brand? Chris from Strategic Mentors was planning to up his game with his online presence starting with the business website. The problem was each time he went to look for images to go with his amazing words, he went into wheel spinning mode. There is so much choice. He knew that a consistent style was the best...

Startup corporate identity


Break The 4th Wall arrived on our doorstep as a semi-startup. The client, Jess Haworth, is a corporate presentation training master with a growing client base, and was concerned that her existing brand did not do her business justice. Here is the previous logo: Principally, Jess felt the logo portrayed her as a law firm; and secondly, the use of her surname might limit future business growth. The...

Annual report design


Not only are clients’ financial reports an annual necessity, but they are also a valuable chance to build and reinforce brands. Westminster Group approached us a few years ago to help them design their annual report. It was a job that had to be done, on time, to external requirements such as the government submission deadline for annual reports. Everything has to be carefully scheduled, often...

Tech rebrand


  We love working with established businesses ready to design their brand positioning that forms the foundations for all their marketing. David had been running his company, Red Gear Solutions, for a couple of years. The business is an IoT solutions provider, working with healthcare, agriculture and industrial operations. Like many businesses, David had begun with a quick fix logo to get the...