Tech rebrand



We love working with established businesses ready to design their brand positioning that forms the foundations for all their marketing. David had been running his company, Red Gear Solutions, for a couple of years. The business is an IoT solutions provider, working with healthcare, agriculture and industrial operations. Like many businesses, David had begun with a quick fix logo to get the business started.

This is the logo that David had started out with:

David knew he needed to update his brand, and so did we. But we needed more information before we got started on the process. First stop, the Brand Discovery Session.

The Brand Discovery Session with David (which is the same for all our clients) was a thorough look at the reason for change, e.g. was the business growing, looking at new markets etc. We also assessed what was special about the company services; who the target market is; what customers are looking for; who they are competing against; and the company values. Once we had all that information, we moved onto the creative. Here are some of the other favourite options that appeared along the way:

On finalising the new look, Red Gear now had:

  • A shiny new logo, true to their core values
  • Confidence that the visual style now truly represented the business
  • Confidence that the new look would better engage with prospective clients
  • A brand strategy with brand keywords – making marketing decisions easier
  • A folder of brand assets (logo variations etc) ready to use
  • A comprehensive brand guide to communicate the new look to all staff

Our brand discovery sessions help to identify what needs to change, contact us for more information