Website Branding


Brand Style for Strategic Mentors

How do you tell a range of stories online yet keep your image choice consistent and on brand?

Chris from Strategic Mentors was planning to up his game with his online presence starting with the business website. The problem was each time he went to look for images to go with his amazing words, he went into wheel spinning mode. There is so much choice. He knew that a consistent style was the best way forward. However, he didn’t know which style to choose. Which was right for his business. Where do you start?

Chris enlisted our help. We went back to the beginning and worked on perception. How did he want to be seen, what did he want to be known for. We worked together to determine the key brand values that needed to show up in the imagery and style we would develop.

The previous logo and images are shown below. Chris was drawn to images that told a story, analogies being a clear favourite.

Strategic Mentors - Before - Previous Style

Here is the new brand look including a new logo, sub-brand for the 3Fs program, icons and image style.

Stop your head from spinning, we can help you get your brand image clear and consistent?